The new map is taking shape and is materializing in Syria and Iraq, and the chapter after ISIS is unfolding for whoever wants to read . The transfer of the population is happening in Syria before Palestine, and ISIS have succeeded in scaring the population on the shores of the Euphrates spreading the news about the probability of floods taking over the villages on the shores of the Euphrates which caused great numbers of people to flee evacuating the place to host the new comers that the US and Russian belligerents intend to bring to this area that might be Kurds or other .

Just to show the level of coordination between US and ISIS, the Coalition had raided previously the operating room that monitors the dam on the Euphrates near al Tabqa area allowing this threat to become real and the people have started evacuating the place in al Raqqa and Deir Ezzur but we don’t know their exact number yet . The US has taken al Tabqa airport and is making reparations in it in order to turn into a permanent US air base . The area of the east from al Hasaka to al Boukamal on the Iraqi borders- including al Raqqa- is forbidden to the Syrian Army and to the Turks until further notice, and this is the area that the US intends to turn into a safe zone populated with Syrian refugees from the opposition under UN supervision.

This area will stretch to Iraq, to al Mosul which ISIS is expected to evacuate and withdraw from to relocate in the Syrian desert between Deir Ezzur and Tadmur close to Homs .This is what the US calls double assimilation which is the relocation of ISIS. from Iraq to Syria . Observers fear that the presence of US forces in Iraq and Syria becomes permanent because the environment is not qualified to launch a Resistance against the occupier neither in Syria nor in Iraq nor the rule has intention to confront their presence in both countries, nor any other force can assume this role for the time being .

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