ACCEPTING THE PALESTINIAN STATE There are changes in HAMAS and Mish’al will be replaced by Haniyya and Haniyya will be replaced by Yahya al Sinwaar to rule Gaza . This is a maneuver on behalf of HAMAS that is being accused of dividing the Palestinian ranks to accept a Palestinian state that is a sovereign state on the 67 borders . This concession has no value in itself because israel is refusing the Palestinian state and because HAMAS will not relinquish its weapons nor will quit armed struggle nor will recognize israel , nor will give up the right to return . This is a smart attempt at redefining the terms of the Oslo agreement whereby the whole of Palestine will still be considered occupied which means that there is no recognition of israel and no legitimacy given to the usurping state, and the Palestinians reserve to themselves the right to liberate the whole land of Palestine that is occupied . This is a correction of Oslo and should be praised whereby anything that israel will accept to concede will be taken without ending the state of war without establishing peace and reconciliation or recognition and without surrendering the weapons or giving up armed struggle . The state of war and the status of occupation will be maintained and the right of liberation of the whole land and the right of return to all Palestinians preserved . This is a total remodeling of the Oslo agreement that should be praised


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