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al Jumhuriyya local news paper speaks about one plan with three purposes , the first one is to undermine Iran, the second is to create an Arab Force that will replace ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the third is to reach a final settlement for the Palestinian issue. For this reason, the Conference was held in order to rehabilitate Mahmoud Abbas and shore him up and he will soon be invited to Washington and so will be al Sisi and the king of Jordan invited each in his turn. The article says that all Sisi will be asked to build a military base in the two islands of Tiran and Sanafeer after which the 2 islands will be handed to the Saudis who would have financed the base .A greater cooperation is expected between Russia and USA and a greater Russian presence in the north of the country whereby the Russians are training the Kurds who want to increase the number of their forces to reach 1 hundred thousand .All this has for goal to undermine Iran and Hizbullah in Syria and to limit their presence in Syria whereby Russia will also open an Intelligence Center in the area of Dar’a. The Islamic Republic and the Lebanese Resistance should be kept away from the Palestinian Cause and a settlement is to be reached soon in which Trump is investing to strengthen his position inside USA.

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