The next Astana will be hosted by Tehran as it seems . as reported by al Akhbar after Geneva 5 did not reach any final settlement . We are back again to the cease fire that has collapsed due to the attack on Damascus from Jobar . It seems, we will remain fluctuating between Astana and Geneva without reaching results until the US /Russian plan is ready for both Iraq and Syria and this`will not be for tomorrow . The Turks will continue to operate in Syria under different labels after operation Euphrate’s Shield has fulfilled its purpose. It is US in coordination with Russia that is holding the battleground now . Still no one is ready to assess the situation . There is`no effort in this direction at all . No one is trying to find out how did we end up having thousands of US soldiers on the ground in Syria, and how to deal with this fact . There is`total taboo imposed, and no one is allowed to raise this question in the media or decide what to do and this is more dangerous than the situation itself, not to be able to ask the right questions or to denounce the US presence and`take a stand regarding it, or warn against Russia that has introduced the Turks and the US to Syria and is inviting others over . No one in the media is`reacting to this , It is as if all are going blind folded to where the world order is`taking them .


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