Israeli officials will head to Washington DC soon to meet with Gulf rulers and with the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas seeking a settlement for the Palestinian issue after israel has rejected the 2 state solution .

This meeting between the three hosted by Trump was upon Netenyahu’s request after president Abbas received the blessing of Arab countries from the latest Arab summit . the goal is to give the final blow to the two state solution to which Arab rulers will officially contribute .

Meanwhile, the Knesset has voted for building two thousand settlement units in the West Bank in addition to those already present. The number of Zionist settlers in the West Bank has become around 800 thousands and there is no more room for the presumed Palestinian state..

Within the same line, escalation is expected in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon started by the terrorist groups that coordinate with israel and that have infiltrated these camps, and this in order to undermine the right to return . This will start in Ayn el Helwe camp and is expected to spread to other camps . Not only this right will be cancelled but the israelis will seek to displace the Palestinians of the West Bank transferring them to Jordan or to Sinai or even to Syria, while all the UN Resolutions that binds israel asking it to withdraw from the 67 territories will be cancelled.

As for Jerusalem, the US administration wants to move its embassy to it the sooner the better as revealed by vice president Pence in front of the AIPAC.


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