The Geneva 5 is redundant and does not mean anything anymore because the real players on the ground are not directly involved in the talks like Russia, USA, the Turks and the Kurds . It is the ground that should be speaking . The East of Syria is totally closed before the Syrian Army which is why the Tabqa area was taken by the Kurds upon US request . There is total alienation and no one seems to have a say in Geneva , the decision has been taken totally out of Syrian hands. The only thing we know that US will not ask for Assad’s removal but this might be against the security zones that Trump has been asking for .inside Syria.and maybe for this reason Tillerson is visiting Ankara . Meanwhile, the east of Syria from the north to Deir Ezzur is forbidden to the Syrian army and al Raqqa is forbidden land . The Russians are doing all the transactions and the Syrians have become mere observers.


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