Rouhany will meet Putin today insisting on ending the ordeal in Syria , while the High Commission for the Negotiations or the Al Riyad tribune accuses the Syrian rule of war crimes and vows to resort to the International Criminal Court. In return, the Syrian delegation insists on implementing the UN Resolutions regarding fighting Terrorism as a priority over the constitution or the elections or the transitional government . On the ground, ISIS is withdrawing before the Syrian Army in al Sweydaa’ near Dar’a and taking refuge in the vicinity of al Raqqa . The US monitored SDF halts the battle in al Tabqa region to allow the technicians to repair the dam of al Furat that threatens to flood the area threatening millions of residents in Iraq and Syria . More US forces are expected to land in Syria that will coordinate with Russia with Syrian licence and approval, and more Russian police and experts are expected as well .

Turkey is still sending and arming thugs across the borders The whole picture is that the integration of terrorist thugs is working hand in hand with reconciliations in Homs and elsewhere whereby the terrorist thugs of al Wa’r neighborhood are relocating with their weapons and families to Jarablus that is occupied by the Turkish forces and their allies among Turkmens . The whole map of the area in Syria and Iraq is being redrawn with terrorist thugs becoming slowly part of the social constituents and of the rule at least in Syria, and with war belligerents of US , Russia and Turkey replacing ISIS on the ground. On the other hand, Russia will be entering soon the Iraqi scene as reported by the Media , and will coordinate with the Iraqi rule the war on Terror .17499414_273446406443460_7281314367441666844_n

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