How one feels when one lives in the west coming from an eastern country ? Al Mayadeen TV broadcast today a documentary about Syrian refugees. The feeling they shared – whether they were pro regime or against it- was that they were marginalized in their hosting European countries. They lived within drawn limits that they were not allowed to transgress . It was an alienating life as they testified . Those pro Assad and those who fought against him, and they are many, among them those who lead the demonstrations in the beginning of the war, shared this feeling as well and wished to return even under Assad’s rule.

The Syrians were not welcome , their presence was controversial in the countries where they landed because of their great number and because the Europeans feared they will operate changes in the society or represent a certain threat on it. This reminds us somehow of the Cubans who left Cuba to live in USA, and how they were accused of forming Mafias and gangs. It is the US that is behind this controversy regarding Cuba and the US that is banning the country and besieging it and should bear the responsibility for those refugees as the west should bear responsibility for the Syrian refugees .

This reminds us also of how the southern Vietnamese who were agents to the US were trying to board the US helicopters and flee to USA when the US was evacuating Saigon after the country won the war. The picture that shows these agents hanging on to the US helicopters is unforgettable , like the picture that shows the Shah of Iran leaving Tehran with his family with no place to go until Egypt received him .

Many Iranians left the country as well , those were high officials and high officers and their families, and maybe some others who feared the unknown and could not identify properly with what is happening or embrace the Revolution . Those were not against the Revolution but simply they did not know what to expect, they ended up lost and unfocused . i met some of them abroad . The fact is that Iran had severed itself from the World Order to start something totally new did not work in their favor . They could not belong to either , they could not belong to their country nor could they belong to the World Order that they considered corrupt and unsuitable for them . They were undergoing many pressures. Some of them were trying to learn Arabic to strengthen their eastern ties and they were very critical of the western societies and their values . I hope that they made up their minds because i lost touch with them.

Iran did not fail those nor failed any hopeful committed person , but is growing to become a real alternative to the predator World Order. and a real support for the struggling people . This does not mean that there are no challenges; there are challenges and difficulties and obstacles, but Iran has enough strength and insight and drive to face them.


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