This is the real boycott coming from Iran . This is not the BDS game of hide and seek that is funded by Soros and wages for imaginary wars against Garnier Shampoo or Ford Motor Company ,or leads defamation campaigns against this or that musician or artist but forgets israel in the process channeling this enmity to targets that are not israel .

This is not the BDS call for boycotting oranges and dates coming from the West Bank but avoids calling for banning the companies that send weapons to israel. This is not the BDS call to ban Soda Stream and rally against Soda Stream thinking that by doing this we are liberating Palestine; or the BDS call to link the Palestinian rights to the gay rights and have the two go together . All this while US gives 40 billions for israel in terms of military aid without BDS saying anything .

No one from BDS called for boycotting the companies and governments that give weapons to israel , that israel uses against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. This Joke of BDS is being unmasked here, and the Iranians -of course – are not joking. They will ban the US companies that provide israel with weapons setting the boycott policy on the right track, and calling for the boycott that could hurt israel rather than the boycott of goods and foods that hurt Palestinians more than they hurt israel .

It is high time for the boycott campaign to free itself from the Soros agenda, and the World Order agenda, and from the EU, and it is time that we start boycotting israel and targeting israel and not substitute for israel this or that artist or singer or this and that product . It is time for the BDS masquerade to end and for the real boycott to start ! Thank you Iran!


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