The thugs of ISIS are being thrown out of al Mosul the capital of their caliphate. Their new capital is Deir Ezzur in Syria after being defeated- as expected – and evacuated from al Raqqa where the US marines have landed by hundreds together with SDF Kurdish forces . ISIS will have the whole desert between Tadmur and Homs and down to al Qunaitra to confront the Syrian Army and maybe other Arab forces , not to exclude israel that might share in fighting ISIS near al Qunaitra along Arab armies coming from Jordan , Egypt and KSA .

How long this game will last we don’t know , but ISIS will still last some time in this place , and will still be used by the world powers to promote their destructive agenda. And if ISIS is totally overcome in Syria , this does not mean the end of ISIS . the World Order did not create ISIS in order to finish it, it created it on the contrary to use it and improve it like one improves any useful effective weapon that proved its validity on the ground .

Thus, the world powers are experimenting with ISIS and they are the ones who came up with the idea of moderate opposition, and moderate opposition is the future of ISIS . Experts say that ISIS will remain in the form of dormant cells everywhere in the Arab and Muslim world. This means that ISIS will stay but in a different form . It will become integrated and part of the society while keeping its ideas and ideals . ISIS in its new dress will spread and will become part of the rule and of the society to continue its role of undermining societies from within.

All this has been carefully engineered by the master minds of the world administration , and is being carefully implemented in Astana and Geneva whereby the rule and the terrorist thugs will meet half way to come up with a compromise of some sort with the world sponsored terror . ISIS is already present in all factions without exception . It is present in the FSA and in other factions that the rule is accommodating and fighting at the same time.

From this compromise and accommodation and integration a hybrid will be born with a mixed identity . This new identity will grow on the remains of the old identity which are the Arab and Muslim identity . These identities are threatening to the world powers and should be replaced. An Islam that is pacifying with israel will be born , like the Islam of Erdogan . And an Arab identity that forsakes Palestine and will not see in israel an enemy

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  1. Abe Parker says:

    khawarij saudi wahabi taliban al qaeda boko haram etc etc al nusra isil isis…more morphing … even sunnis and sufis are in their gunsights….grozny etc has already denounced them as non sunnis…whatever they will call themselves they remain the enemy from within…


    • danielmabsout says:

      They were thrown out of the 4 schools of Sunni Islam but they were not thrown out of Islam nor declared heretics


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