Mubarak is free now and has been released from the hospital where he was detained for three years on the ground of corruption, while he was absolved from the crime of giving orders to shoot at the demonstrators during the Arab spring. Mubarak has thus served his term and has returned to his home in Masr al Jadida to start a new life which he will begin by performing Hajj as he expressed.

This is to say that the Arab Spring did not bring a new life to Egypt , there was no rebirth even if Mubarak was removed . The World Order had already chosen the successor of` Mubarak after a period of` transition made possible by the presidency of Morsi who was but the bridge over which the real successor of`Mubarak was to cross. The truth is that it would not be befitting to have a military take over after Mubarak . The so called Revolution would not have looked good to replace a despot by a military, so, there was need for a transitional period that president Morsi had to fill .

Neither Morsi , nor the Muslim Brothers understood what the World Order was up to . They thought hey had been chosen for candidacy because they were suitable , they did not think they were being drawn to a trap and were being set up in order to finish them because they represented a possibility of independence and autonomy for Egypt that the other parties did not represent .

There is no need to say that Morsi was not allowed to rule because this is the truth . Because, from the beginning, he was prevented from taking decisions and carrying them on , so he had to take draconian measures like expand his prerogatives and powers which caused the Egyptians to rally against him accusing him of all sort of` transgressions and violations .

The truth is that he was just trying to be the president of Egypt which is why he was elected. But the World Order had decided otherwise . And like what happened in Algeria and Somalia before, where the Muslim Brothers or the Islamic parties were just brought to power in order to be removed , the same goes for the Egyptian rule whereby the`Muslim Brothers were brought to power in order to be removed in their turn.

The decision had been taken long ago that Egypt will go through change in name only , and that Mubarak will be toppled only because the country could not afford his decision to install his son – Jamal – after him, and that this installing was liable to cause a real uprising that the world powers wanted to avoid at any price . This is why the Egyptian Spring was created; a false flag revolution in every respect, that ended up in a military coup arranged by the predators in favor of which they had succeeded in rallying millions of Egyptians .

A strange thing to have millions of people call for a military rule which is not usually so appealing . But this has been carefully engineered by the masterminds of the foreign embassies and the NGOs ; and the Egyptian society is one of the most exposed and infiltrated societies world wide, and we have seen millions signing petitions and protesting and calling for change, ending up in bringing to rule a third rate officer who was chief of Intelligence during Mubarak’s rule!

This much for the Egyptian Spring. Nothing has changed really, and now, Egypt would have to wait for more than ten years to witness anything that is close to a Revolution. The Arab Spring is nothing but Operation Abortion which is the real description of what happened. This is to say that Morsi had tried his best to please the World Order by taking position against the Syrian rule and against Iran thinking that this will work in his favor , but it did not. He even corresponded with the israeli officials thinking that this will speak in his favor. He thought that he will be treated like Erdogan and promoted like him by the world powers, forgetting that Erdogan is not only a fake Muslim Brother but a real NATO asset , and forgetting that the Muslim Brothers of Egypt are strongly linked to HAMAS, and that the World Order hoped that by removing the first, he will be able to remove the second , and that the goal was to expose the Muslim Brothers and finish them in Egypt and Palestine.

Now, Mubarak is not only free but he is still ruling, if not through his son Jamal like he wished and desired , he is ruling through field Marshall Abdel Fattah al Sisi, his Chief of Intelligence , a military affiliate to israel and to the World Order, brought to power by millions of Egyptians according to the World Order scheme . Mubarak is free , and has been released after 3 years of detention he spent at the hospital. But Morsi has been sentenced to life term . The World Order will never forgive a close association with an armed Resistance that is threatening to israel.

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