More US troops to al Raqqa, Syria, in order to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from reaching al Raqqa , and it seems the same scenario that lead to giving al Baab to the Turks is liable to be repeated in al Raqqa with drawing red lines to the Syrian Army that it cannot transgress . For this reasons, battles are being created and progress of the terrorist thugs in Damascus and Hama where the al Nusrat , Faylaq al Rahman and Aharar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam as well are trying to progress to keep the Syrian army busy ,while the attacks on Ladikiyya have started last night . This way the apparent race to reach al Raqqa will work in favor of the US forces who just yesterday operated a landing in al Raqqa for hundreds of US marines and SDF forces. By this, the US seeks to control the whole area that borders the Syrian-Iraqi frontiers , and now they have a big area that is under their control from the north in al Hasaka on the borders of Turkey down to al Raqqa while what remains of the borders with Iraq is still in ISIS hands so to speak until further notice .

ISIS will be defeated in al Raqqa and thrown out by the SDF and by the US marines and replaced by US forces . After this defeat, ISIS is expected to flee to Deir Ezzur, and to operate against the Syrian Army in the field that extends from Deir Ezzur to Tadmur and the vicinity of Homs across the Syrian desert , down to al Qunaitra in the south, in the intersection where the 3 borders meet between occupied Palestine , Jordan and Syria.

On this front , in the south where it is already present , ISIS would have to face Arab forces made of Jordanians and Egyptians and others, or the army made of 40 thousand Syrian refugees trained by Jordan, and also israel that is expected to join this anti Terror front according to the original Russian-US plan to draw israel into the battle against ISIS in this area precisely.

The al Akhbar news paper speaks about US targeting directly the Syrian forces by raiding the al Tabqa airport of Deir Ezzur that is a military airport that the Syrian Army wanted to retrieve, and another airport in the same area called al Jarrah. The article speaks about US forces targeting the planes in these airports that belong to the Syrian army to keep them grounded probably and prevent them from sharing in the battle of al Raqqa or from targeting the fleeing ISIS from al Raqqa and al Mosul to Deir Ezzur .

This is happening at the same time Geneva 5 will take place that the terrorist factions fighting in Damascus of Ahrar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam are expected to join . Practically, the cease fire seems to have fallen apart with all these factions labeled as moderate- that have separated from al Nusrat – assuming now the same role of attacking and assaulting .

This is to say that there is no eradication of Terror for the time being on behalf of the Western powers, but there is a partial defeat of ISIS and a relocation of ISIS in the Syrian desert which the Iraqi rule calls the assimilation of ISIS rather than its defeat . This brings ISIS closer to the borders with israel in order to call for an intervention against Terror on behalf of the usurping state . The goal is to exert more pressures on the Syrian rule to bring it to the negotiation table directly with the israelis .

The only hope comes from the Popular Crowd that might cross the borders and track and chase ISIS in Syria in the same Syrian desert where it is expected to operate down to the borders with Jordan and occupied Palestine . Other than that, it is partition we are heading at , with the north to the Turks , the east to USA , the west to Russia, and the south the playground for israel , and with Idlib down to Hama remaining under terrorist thug control to present a constant threat on Damascus and Ladikiyya .

This forecast is not very cheerful but is the truth that all are trying to hide for different reasons some acceptable some not acceptable.


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