The Izadi disaster is not over . , more than 4 thousand women are still missing and many children , number of whom ISIS is training for war while others have been sold in slavery . Barazani’s implication and the Peshmerga’s involvement are obvious in the attempt at displacing the Izadis in order to alter the geography on the ground and annex Sinjar to Kurdistan using ISIS . The invasion of Jebel Sinjar by ISIS called for the Liberation of Sinjar by the Peshmerga with the presence of the PKK and they are not expected to withdraw from Sinjar but have redrawn the map of Kurdistan so that it includes Sinjar. Here is a narrative of what happened with the attempt at building a case against Barazani and the sponsors of ISIS world wide to bring justice to the Izadis. ISIS are not aliens they are our rulers , they are the other face of power and usurp , they are every tyrant and usurper and agent of the colonizer.

by Nallein Sowilo

Massoud Barzani is newest Isis leader to merge from this two year old war with Isis and is overlooked by western powers. Massoud Barzani whose family dynasty has amassed many billions of dollars on back of constituents . Barazani himself takes from the Kurdish regime government a salary of 400,000 US dollars a month. Barazani is not an elected official, his term expired but he refused to leave office. Barazani is personally responsible for funding Isis war in Syria and genocide against Yezidis, and preventing medical care to reach Yezidis that I arranged to deliver to Shingle in December 2016. in August 2014 Isis lead attack on Yezidis in Shingal . The attack was done by Barazani’s orders .The Peshmerga militia left Shingal and lead Isis into Shingal to attack Yezidis.

In 2016, I contracted organization RINJ and Canada humanitarian organization to construct a Hospital for Shingal and Dohuk. As part of contract with RINJ will start an international criminal court case against Isis and Kurdish president Barazani for genocide and war crimes which starts in April 2017 . Yezidi leadership is collecting evidence and eyewitness that RINJ will use in our case at the International Criminal Court . RINJ is working with Yezidi authority in this endeavor and in few months, we hope to bring cases against other nations who have funded Isis .I have hired a team of lawyers for building a genocide case. We are building a case against Saudis ,Turkey ,Qatar , US and Britain


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