Moscow denies opening a military base in Ifreen – Kurdish strong hold north of Syria – and we end up with one version and its opposite as usual when the matter is related to Russia. But what is sure is that Russians will be training Kurdish forces in Syria according to Kurdish sources, and will follow the US example of taking in charge the Kurdish YPG in the Ifreen area. One hundred Russian soldiers are said to have entered ‘Ifreen lately to train the Kurds and carry on other tasks.

But they will tell you that Moscow wants to keep Syria united. . Boots on the ground is not only for US marines that have been flooding to al Raqqa, but also for Russian soldiers coming into Syria that were preceded by the Russian police that is monitoring the evacuation of al Nusrat thugs from Homs. .

We notice how the anti Terror air strikes are being replaced by forces on the ground be them Russians or marines, and they will include other forces mainly from Arab countries from KSA , Jordan and Egypt that the israelis are expected to join in order to fight ISIS in south Syria near the Golan Heights. The Egyptians said that they will not operate in Syria except with a Syrian green light . All this not to forget the Turkish forces also present on the ground from Jarablus to al Baab.

Syria has become a real international playground which means that the war will extend even more, and israel is expected to become a major player.

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