It was expected after the war in Syria implemented the World Order agenda of targeting Terror in the form of Gulf sponsored terrorists rather than targeting israel and NATO proxy armies, that israel becomes neutralized from the ongoing struggle . And, since israel has become neutralized, it was normal to have israel join the anti Terror front and fight ISIS in Syria, and this is what they are working on . This is the original Putin plan that speaks about having the sponsors of Terror fight Terror in Syria in a front that will group, along Syria, KSA, Jordan and Turkey . israel was not mentioned in this plan but , implicitly, it was meant that israel will join later.

Yesterday, Russian expert Matozov appeared on the al Mayadeen TV saying that Russian forces and Syrian forces have joined efforts to fight Terror in Syria and not to fight israel meaning of course instead of fighting israel.

This is not easy to bring israel into Syria to fight ISIS, but they are working on it , and Jordan has prepared an army made of 40 thousand Syrian refugees to enter Syria and open a new front near the Golan Heights that will extend to al Raqqa . And who knows if the Syrian so called retaliations on so called israeli assaults around Tadmur from the Lebanese air space , and in the Golan Heights are not meant to drift our attention away from what is being planned in terms of having israel fight ISIS inside Syria together with Arab forces that are meant to be a NATO Arab force operating inside the country.


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