Sayyed seems under pressure not to bring up sensitive matters . The regional issue was not tackled even though the local issue was carefully dealt with and with all the details and the Resistance policy for different issues stated and revealed .This might be because there is no horizon in Syria . In short, Sayyed did not bring up the Syrian issue, the US presence in Syria , the Astana and Geneva conferences , not even the incident of the israeli planes and the Syrian performance and the Turkish invasion and the Antalya meeting . There is plenty to talk about that Sayyed did not want to tackle . He just said that the purpose of the enemy was defeated in Syria after 6 years of war and he said that Syria won and the Resistance is victorious in Syria and Iraq and in Yemen. Previously, Sayyed used to address Assad. And then, in his later speeches, he addressed the people of Syria telling them to take things in hand and bear their responsibilities . In his speech today, Sayyed addresses exclusively the terrorist thugs telling them that they were set up by those who created them and who are now getting rid of them and sacrificing them . This has become the only place from where change could come as it seems because they are facing now a new ordeal . Sayyed also said that some patriotic opposition could also represent some hope .


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