Bismillah walhamdulillah
Assalam to the honorable ladies
My salutations to the son of a Zahraa’ al Mahdi and to the ladies present to celebrate the birth of al Zahraa’
Fatima is part of me and is the light of my eyes and the spirit in my body and is the lady of ladies and is the best of women and God is pleased when Fatima is pleased
Salutations to those women who are bearing the load of this period , to the spouses and mothers and sisters
to those displaced and those in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Nigeria and Pakistan and Afghanistan to the sacrificing ones

I will speak about Fatima later and will tackle first the political issue
ESCWA issued a report accusing israel of racism and israel protested and exerted great pressures on the UN to withdraw the report and threatened to cut the funds
the new general secretary ordered to withdraw the report
this is not the first time that UN yields to pressure
Mrs Rima Khalaf resigned her position because of this
This is to remind us of what the UN is , and this is not the first time that this happens
This means that UN cannot retrieve our rights
and the resigned lady fared well and i salute her and i hope that what she did be appreciated
we ask that the Arab League adopts this report
Within this line, the Palestinians prove their steadfastness and the martyrdom of Bassel al A’raj is an example We salute the Martyr and his companions and this is the only hope for us to defend our rights
this is the choice and not waiting for reluctant UN to do something for us.

Locally, the new taxes imposed in order to assure the revenues and fund the series of salaries and ranks. Some of the material that circulated on the social media were lies
seeking to rally people in this instance is not the answer , We should do justice to the employees and do justice to the poor families
the employees mean one million person and 260 thousand families and we need to raise their salaries without taxing the poor people
we say do not increase the taxes on those who have a limited income
and this is our stand since 1998
there are alternatives to feed the raise of salaries and that some people present concessions . Some people do not want to practice any austerity and want the poor to bear the load
there is another meeting that will discuss the alternative and we have made an exhaustive study , this is not because we are seeking revenge on a certain political group .
some bald decisions should be taken
and we can increase salaries without taking one penny from the poor
We should be close to the dispossessed and stand by them and this is our honor
the officials should keep their promises of increasing salaries WITHOUT HARMING THE POOR

As for the electoral law , we are meeting the dead end and running out of time and this is dangerous
we do not want a law that fits our size
we want a fair law that is representative and applies to all times
when we spoke about proportionality we said we are open to discussion
the law of proportionality is the fair and just law but some do not want to return to their normal size but want to get more than they deserve and are not ready to sacrifice
all are required to present concessions and we will end in chaos if the political groups do not get their act together
this is more urgent than the budget and more important than the series of salaries and ranks because it is the political system that is at stake

Regionally, the war on Syria has entered its 7th year with all the calamities
all those who rallied under the label of friends of Syria and conspired expected to take control of Syria within few months
but they failed after spending billions of Arab wealth . All the money was Arab money . Turkey did not spend any money
this money could have been spent on building Gaza on education on eradicating poverty and unemployment and they brought into Syria tens of thousands of mercenaries to take over Syria
It is true that some people wanted change , but those takfiris took this quest to somewhere else
who brought al Qa’ida to Syria , they brought them even though they are on their terrorist lists and they admit that THEY CREATED THEM
i told those Takfiris that you were brought to Syria to implement the US israeli scheme after which you will serve as fuel for those . But their ignorance and foolishness worked against them. ISIS is about to be finished in Iraq and Syria and has no future in these countries
Suicidals show that there is total failure . ISIS is now being targeted from Turkey and the Coalition and also al Nusrat is being targeted

Now, they have awoken to the fact that US has turned its back on them
And israel will interfere under any pretext in order to help ISIS and terrorists . This scheme has failed , and Syria is winning
this snake now is threatening those who fed it
as for the other factions they are in total chaos and we bet on the patriotic opposition
to those who think they are fighting for Islam i see you will reap defeat
and Netenyahu went to Putin to say that he fears that ISIS be defeated
the terrorists have fought on the side of israel and i ask them to drop their weapons and to fight along the Resistance and on the side of Islam

the Resistance will be victorious everywhere in Syria , in Iraq and Yemen and the Resistance will never be defeated


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