Who is Najah Wakim and whom does he serve ? Threatening with civil disobedience so that the country enters in the dark tunnel ? The Truth is that there are people who are trying to instigate social unrest so as to make things difficult for the rule and for the `Resistance also and to put barriers in front of the presidency . Unfortunately , this campaign is lead by leftist groups and people like Wakim who enjoy some credibility and, instead of helping out and bringing people together and working for unity, they are calling for rebellion and discord and they are doing this under the label of fighting corruption which is an attractive label . But the truth is that they are linked consciously or unconsciously to foreign agendas, and they are infiltrated and they are dealing with people who are affiliated to embassies and, for this reason they cannot fight corruption but their goal is social havoc and chaos .

What the country needs is to rally around the president and the Resistance, and to work for solidarity and unity and to fight corruption but not according to the embassies agendas! It was very disappointing when Wakim asked about the situation in Syria said that it has taken a broader dimension saying that there are 4 countries that are forming a sort of a new Arab league that will start a new initiative, and Egypt is one of those and Wakim addressed al Sisi through al Mayadeen TV summoning him to act because his circumstance is more favorable than that of Nasser . He sounded as if he did not know who al Sisi was and that he will be part of the anti Iran Coalition that will group Gulf countries and israel and is supported by US.


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