The shooting of the israeli plane by Syrian air defenses has not been confirmed and the israeli sources deny that a plane has been shot down that the Syrians say crashed inside occupied Palestine . We have been through this before of Syria shooting down israeli planes near the Golan Heights and there were big celebrations then but the thing was not confirmed and sounded more like a fairy tale which it was probably .

Nevertheless 4 israeli planes violating the Lebanese air space targeted today a convoy of arms near Tadmur that was destined to Hizbullah according to the israeli version which admitted that the Syrian ground defenses launched S 200 missiles towards the planes that were intercepted by israel Hetz missiles. This incident made the news today and what was noticeable is that the israelis declared for the first time that they have raided Syria which they never do, and they justified their claim by the fact that the Hetz missiles had fallen in the valley of Jordan and triggered the settlers which is why israel had to give explanations .

We will deal carefully with this incident especially that we know Syria and we know to whom belongs the decision in Syria. , that of war particularly ; and we know Syria’s shortcomings that lead this war to drag endlessly and now has entered its 6th year. Syria will not fight israel by its own testimony and we see in this incident an attempt at rehabilitating Syria regarding the Palestinian issue after Syria has been driven out of the Palestinian concern for some time now.

Sources speak about the birth of a new Axis of the Resistance that will group 4 Arab major countries which are Syria , Egypt , Iraq and Algeria and these countries will form a small Arab league of their own . Only God knows who is sponsoring this plan that will group a country that has pacified with israel that is Egypt and a country that is under US custody that is Iraq and a country that is under Russian custody that is Syria . This might be the answer to the Tehran Conference in support of the Palestinian Intifada and might be in charge of the Palestinian Cause to bring the Palestinian cause again under Arab sponsorship . For this purpose, targeting some israeli planes might be useful and add to the credibility and credentials of the rehabilitated Syria .

Meanwhile, the Axis of the Resistance with Iran and Hizbullah will be busy facing the broad anti Iranian Coalition of the Gulf Countries , USA and israel while the Palestinian Cause will be taken care of by the new Arab sponsors of the Palestinian Cause . israel is showing panic on the other hand, and has declared the israeli airspace a no fly zone l Meanwhile, the USA is sending more troops to Syria and will send 400 more forces to al Raqqa and will invite `Arab forces from 4 Arab countries that might be very well the Arab countries that will form the new Arab League. US has evacuated already the major leaders of ISIS from DeirEzzur by helicopter .

Syria seems to have assumed a new role in addition to fighting Terror a role dictated by Russia and the World Order .On the other hand, sources have denied that a major Hizhbullah leader was martyred in the israeli raid and that the leader Martyr Nadeem Hamiyye was martyred the day before in al Qunaitra.

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One Response to A NEW ROLE FOR SYRIA

  1. danielmabsout says:

    Yes , this is very interesting that these arrow missiles have been tested for the first time in israel in a real situation . What if Syria rendered a service to israelis giving them the opportunity to try their weapon in a real situation? This explains everything and sheds light on this unexpected unusual retaliation . This must have been arranged through Russia , an exchange of services that benefits both : israel and Syria whereby Syria will increase its credibility and israel will try its weapon and Russian will gain the confidence of the parties . Not to forget that Russia’s aim is to bring israel and Syria to the table in direct negotiations, and that the negotiations with terrorist thugs is just the prelude for the direct negotiations with israel


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