The Astana trip is not over and will be resumed in May, and the Geneva trip also will take place. The terrorist thugs did not show up in Astana but they showed up in Damascus and operated in the Palace of Justice, killed 35 civilians and injured 45 while the Syrian delegation in Astana was waiting for them to show up The terrorists sent their message from Damascus that they were not coming . The reason is that they are not happy with the way the cease fire was implemented in Syria and they want the cease fire to include al Nusrat and ISIS and these 2 factions to be `spared as well . They’ve got a point because all these terrorists are the same .

What is intended from Astana and Geneva and others is to allow the thugs of the opposition to reorganize their ranks and prepare themselves for the new US administration . All this is a maneuver on behalf of the thugs to prepare for the next round that will not be different from the other rounds. The fact that ISIS is` withdrawing from certain places before the Syrian Army does not mean that ISIS or Terror is `finished but means that it is relocating . These explosions in Damascus show that Terror is still functioning and operating in Syria until further notice, and that the Turks are still providing Terror with weapons and men.

It is under the pretext of Terror that US marines by the hundreds have now entered Syria to locate near al Raqqa under the pretext of helping the SFD against ISIS . But they will be helping both ISIS and the SDF like they are doing in al Mosul and providing weapons to both in order to fuel the battle .

Still, the Syrian rule hopes that there will be coordination with the Syrian Army rather than with the Kurdish forces as happening in order to liberate al Raqqa`. But it is in the Kurds that US invests because they are the ones who can carry the scheme of partition.

This Syrian complacency with the the US occupation calling it a maneuver rather than an invasion is not something new , it has been the Syrian policy since the beginning of the war when Syria accepted to deliver its chemical weapons to the international community. But it has taken new dimensions whereby the Syrian rule is now investing in the new US administration in an unprecedented step , and hoping that Russia will act on the US rule to make it change, and they think that US could change and should and they have high hopes that this will happen


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