Most of the displacements are being coercive which means that a group of people that seek shelter are directed to a certain place rather than an other for reasons related to a certain agenda . It is wrong to think that refugees seek shelter in this place as a choice . There is no such thing . All displacements and relocations are coercive, and the massive migrations towards Europe on behalf of Syrians and Iraqis and Afghanis and Libyans were coercive- as well- and according to a world agenda that the Turks were in charge to implement .The goal was to prevent those people`from coming back and to make use of them in the hosting countries also.

Similarly, the flooding of 2 million Syrians to Lebanon when they could have taken shelter in safe places in their own country was also coercive, and sought to alter the demography of Lebanon and to use the refugees against the Resistance. As for the Kurdish request to create a safe zone- in Manbij – after thousands of refugees fled the eastern suburbs of Aleppo province , one could guess that it is because the Kurds wants the same thing for them as for the Turks . who also call for safe zones .

Both US and Russia are encouraging Kurdish separatism in Syria, and Russia made it clear that it stands for federalization and was the first to open a Kurdish diplomatic mission in Moscow. For this also reason the US is investing in the Kurds in terms of YPG or PYD or SDF or other because they qualify to carry the scheme of partition which is another US scheme that seeks to set the Kurds against their government in more than a country hoping that such discord will reach Iran in one way or another.

Accepting a separate Kurdish state is`difficult though because of its repercussions inside Turkey where the Kurds form almost one third of the population . For this reason maybe the Kurds are asking for a Safe zone since the separate Kurdish state seems difficult . US and Russia have both made sure that Syria becomes the new arena of the Turkish/ Kurdish conflict.


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