The thugs of the opposition did not show up at Astana , they are protesting because Russia is not implementing well the cease fire . There are battles in Tadmur and east Aleppo, and the thugs want things to be quiet. They forget that weren’t it for Russia , they would have been totally defeated by the forces of the Resistance who intended to oust them from Idlib and from every other corner of Syria. But Russia halted the battle for their safety and welfare and declared the ceasefire.

There is no one like Russia to feel empathy for the thugs who prove so useful on the ground .The other opposition also will not show up at Astana. The 5 stars hotel opposition, the western affiliated opposition living off gulf money and off western crumbs, the sell out opposition, the tribune of Cairo and Riyad and Moscow and the friends of Syria and the National Council and the Istanbul Council . There is not one opposition that is earnest and patriotic, not one single person of the opposition that puts Syria above his own direct material interest . Not one person among those whom we hear and see is integral and is ready to trade his direct interest for that of Syria . The people who care for Syria we never see and hear . Either we see the rule surrounded by its men who form a gang and are being part of` deals at the international and local levels , or we see the sell out opposition on the payroll of oil money , or the terrorist thugs monitored by the` World Order . Where are the Syrians ? We hear about them but we never see them . .

Where are they ? The Syrian people are being totally drawn out of`the equation by the rule and by the opposition and this is the most dangerous thing about this war . The Syrians are totally absent as an entity that has a presence and a voice . Most of the Syrians have stopped identifying with their country . Their loyalties are directed differently far from their homeland . They have become many with many affinities , or they simply don’t care. They only try to survive in this circumstance without caring for anything , this is when they have not joined various NGOs whose role is to destroy Syria . It is like a curse that has descended on the Syrian people.

This is to a great part due to the Syrian rule, to the way Assad father and son ruled this land, and the way they behaved as if they owned the country to the point that people stopped seeing this country as theirs and not the property of Assad’s family. This is the core of the problem. The Syrian people need re-education and rehabilitation. They need to learn that Syria is theirs and not the property of anyone, and that no one can take their land from them; and that they have duties that they need to perform and rights that they need to claim. A great distortion has happened that should be repared if Syria is to survive this ordeal


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