BDS must be in crisis and is looking for a new platform to start from and a place to anchor . The reason is that israel has revealed its schemes and has left little room for NGOs like BDS to maneuver . After israel has put its cards on the table and normalised with so many Arab countries , there is little room left for the dubious NGOs – who relied on israel’s apparent indecisiveness in order to occupy the front lines and operate in darkness so to speak .

BDS needs now to acquire credibility after israel has revealed its intentions to deny the Palestinians a separate state, and after it revealed its scheme to annex the land without the people and transfer the Palestinians somewhere else . Thus, it has become clear that israel’s intentions and BDS views intersect in more than one place, and that both share the one state solution that is israel in this instance . The fact that this one state includes Palestinians or not is redundant, and of little importance . The main thing is that there is one state which is the usurping state of israel and which is in concordance with BDS views and for which BDS has been campaigning in its boycott policies .

No doubt that this concordance between the two views might jeopardize the credibility of BDS Palestinian wise. This is why, in order to shore up itself and acquire credibility again , BDS has started new moves in the West Bank and Jerusalem that could distance between BDS and israel after this obvious concordance showed that they were in tune . The death or martyrdom – as they like to call it – of BDS activist Bassel al A’raj should be considered under this light, as also the tracking down and chasing by the israeli police and the Palestinian Authority of his 5 or 6 companions who work with him .

Thus, by resorting to arms and confronting the israeli police and offering a martyr , BDS seeks to distance itself from israel and acquire credibility again . This is something new, and rarely would BDS sacrifice its members like it did with al A’raj ; but the circumstance required this maneuver in order to give BDS enough time to adjust its compass to the israeli latest stand and reorient it in the right direction that suits the circumstance and is tuned to the israeli project .

BDS could still find a margin to operate in these new conditions , not to forget that israel has provided this margin by calling for the recognition of israel as a Jewish state, which gives BDS enough room to maneuver and call for anti Apartheid policies against the Apartheid racist state. But these policies will be restricted to the Palestinians who live within the 1948 borders and will not include the others of the West Bank and Jerusalem who will relocate somewhere else according to the israeli plan, in Jordan , Syria or Egypt, and this after the right to return has been totally ruled out by the usurpers.

All this puts BDS is a difficult situation with limited choices, and might require that more members fall martyrs before BDS figures out how to survive in these circumstances , and how to keep going while using the same slogans and rallying for Palestine and for Palestinians without challenging too much israel and the world order that finances it.


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