The war on Terror is worse than Terror when it is a maneuver and does not seek to eradicate Terror . What is happening in Syria and Iraq in terms of war on Terror on behalf of war belligerents and creators and sponsors of Terror are just maneuvers and they do not seek to eradicate Terror or finish it .These are manipulations that invest in Terror and monitor it instead of getting rid of it.

This is to say Terror is considered as an asset for the western powers that created it . It is an innovation and a product that requires to be improved and perfected. Is naive who thinks that the manufacturer of such a worthy product will give it up or destroy it . On the contrary, such a worthy product like Terror that required so much money and effort requires to be tested on the ground and evaluated and this is what the war on Terror is , it is the following up by its creators of the use and administration of such a weapon on the ground .

We understand everything when we look at Terror the same way we look at a manufactured product that needs to be constantly followed up and improved. Thus, the creators and sponsors of Terror have followed their product where it is being tested and they are doing this under the label of anti Terror, and this is what anti Terror is. It is the testing of the product by its manufacturers . This is why Putin rushed to form the anti Terror Coalition made of the sponsors of Terror world wide .

Let us take the liberation of al Mosul – for example- that has started 3 months ago . Sources say that we are still in the beginnings and only 15 quarters or so , were liberated from 90 quarters causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people who must find their way out through snipers and trapped cars and shelling. Sources say that the Popular Crowd- if allowed to fight- would have already liberated the whole province, but it is not permitted to fight because the goal is not to eradicate ISIS but to experiment with it and explore further its possibilities and capacities and improve what needs to be improved .The same applies to the Lebanese Resistance that was prevented from liberating Idlib after Aleppo and had to halt its battle against Terror.

Journalist Salah as Salman on al Mayadeen TV said that the US has divided ISIS in al Mosul in 3 groups . The first group- among them the Caliph al Baghdadi and others – are destined to be killed after they served their purpose and after their time expired . The second group is destined to leave and head elsewhere and seek shelter either in Turkey or al Raqqa. The third group will remain in al Mosul to fight back and hold the ground . Of the three groups, the group that will stay to fight is the group with whom USA is`experimenting and trying to perfect in order to carry on further tasks and missions on the Syrian or Iraqi or other ground. For this reason, this group has been provided with fresh weapons and the Popular Crowd has seen with its own eyes US helicopters dropping weapons to ISIS near al Mosul on more than one instance .

Thus, the US seems in the process of developing an improved version of ISIS that is more specialized and resilient . The second group will be spared in order to have a replacement in case the third group collapses . These are the reserves, and they are also important for the product to survive . For this reason, we speak about the dangers of anti Terror that exceed that of Terror. This anti Terror war, on behalf of the creators and sponsors of Terror, is most dangerous and should be avoided by all means because it is an open wound made to bleed endlessly . If the qualified party like the Resistance or the Popular Crowd is not available, then it is better to refrain from fighting Terror and to spare lives and avoid further destruction and displacement and prevent the creators of such a weapon from testing their tool on our soil .

This is not only about destruction and displacement, and not just about .genocide , this is the creation of a new breed that is absolute evil . Unfortunately, the Arab governments have accepted to host this deadly experimentation that feeds on their peoples blood .


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