Quotes from the interview given by president Assad to Chinese Phoenix TV . In the quote underneath Assad meant the Syrian opposition forgetting that what he`says applies to the Syrian rule as well that is investing fully in Russia and not only to the Syrian opposition.


President Assad” The first part that you mentioned about their hopes( meaning the Syrian opposition) , when you pin your hopes on a foreign country, doesn’t matter which foreign country, it means you’re not patriotic, and this is proved, because they should depend on the support of the Syrian people, not any other government or administration.”


After accusing the US of invasion , Assad does not hide the fact that he invests in the USA and especially in the new Trump administration saying that the US policy could change positively regarding Syria but not the Turkish policy , as if Turkey acted on its own and was not linked to USA.

President Assad “So, the question is: how can they ( USA and Turkey) cooperate, and I think the Russians have hope that the two parties join the Russians and the Syrians in their fight against terrorism. So, we have more hopes now regarding the American party because of the new administration, while in Turkey nothing has changed in that regard. ”


What is striking in this interview is seeing the Chinese mouths watering thinking of how much money China can make out of reconstructing Syria . Never seen a country as greedy as China . Assad did not ask his Chinese interviewer how come that so many Chinese left China to join ISIS and fight in Syria, and how China allowed them out and how did they find their way to Syria and why weren’t they prevented? This would have been a good question to ask . But China might have sent those terrorists the same way Russia sent the Dagestanis and Chechens to destroy Syria and then come to have the job of building Syria assigned to Chinese companies . The Chinese rulers are insatiable people, they only think of money as it seems .

Finally Assad seems to know what he is` doing and he seems to have made his choice to opt for the US~ alternative at whatever cost.. His complaint is that the US invasion was not coordinated with the Syrian rule and not that it originally happened.

As usual, half the truth is being formulated by the Syrian president . We also learn that his second son- Kareem- is learning Chinese, and this after the Russian language has become part of the Syrian curriculum.



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