Mubarak acquitted


Mubarak is released and free to roam around like a bird and he will go to perform Hajj also very soon .This way God `will take care of whatever remains of sins he committed . But according to the judges, he committed no sin . It turned out that he did nothing during more than 35 years of rule . He did not oppress the Egyptians, nor did he persecute them, nor did he throw them in prisons , nor did he steal their money nor did he spread corruption , nor did he sow fitna, nor did he besiege Gaza, nor did he send his police after the protesters , nor did he do anything of this sort during more than 35 years of rule . It is a miracle and he is as immaculate as a saint . It is the people who were wrong to have sought to remove him . Maybe to prove that they are right the judges should restore his`power to him and bring him back as a president , If he committed no sin why should he be punished? Meanwhile , Morsi would have to stay in prison for 40 years or so because during one year of rule he did not commit any of the crimes Mubarak committed.
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