A new rule for Gaza: Yahya al Sinwaar in charge


News about HAMAS accepting a Palestinian state within the 67 borders and exiting from the Muslim Brothers as reported by Haaretz have not been confirmed . HAMAS now has a new`leader ex prisoner Freedom Fighter Yahya al Sinwaar known for his radical stands and his strong grip on the district and he is replacing Haniyya .in administering Gaza .

Whatever HAMAS said or revealed- if it were true- is just a political maneuver and nothing else, because HAMAS is`drawing close to Egypt and this is due to the differences between Mahmoud Abbas and al Sisi whereby Egypt has been hosting Mohammad Dahlan Mahmoud Abbas’ rival, and Gulf Countries` candidate to the Palestinian presidency to replace Abbas. Dahlan has been hosted by Egypt upon Gulf request- no doubt – and given a great freedom of movement in Egypt and to make contacts and promote himself`. This is why Abbas became at odds with al Sisi and it was the right time for HAMAS to step in and try to draw close to the Egyptian rule and try to secure the exchange through Rafah according to new rules .

The Palestinian Authority is`sharing in tightening the siege on Gaza and withholding money destined to the district and withholding salaries to employees that are due now for many months . By opening up to Egypt , HAMAS hopes to relieve the district a little bit and ease the siege . The situation has been deteriorating at all levels, and Gaza is in need of everything especially regarding fuel and medical care , the houses have not yet been rebuilt yet except for a few .

Al Sinwar is known for standing against salafis whose compromising behavior is exposing the district to great threats since they are targeting israel with missiles that require retaliation and expose the district . 380 among those are now under lock, and those released had to pay one hundred thousand dollars . Al Sinwaar will not allow any transgression on behalf of salafis as they are called, and will try to improve the situation inside the district .


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