it is strange that no one is worried about what is happening and everyone seems so comfortable . Be them military experts or journalists or reporters or academicians or researchers .or Syrian officials and politicians , they all seem looking forward to what is`happening in Syria`to the point that one feels out of tune when one mentions the` hundreds of US marines that have landed in al Raqqa yesterday with their missiles and tanks . No one seems`worried about the 7 thousand US soldiers that might also come to Syria `soon ,. Why should any one worry when the Syrian Army is progressing so fast on the ground taking one village after the other from ISIS that is withdrawing before the Syrian Army like before a Tsunami to the point that one can say that Syria is being liberated by ISIS.. And why worry when Putin had said that everything is alright and Russia and Turkey are for greater cooperation and coordination in Syria in the future .This statement should satisfy all and at their head the Syrian rule. Everyone seems contented and the Resistance is` not saying anything . It is true that the US did not enter Syria the way it entered Iraq but still it entered Syria all the same but no one wants to see or comment and no one wants to say that the emperor is naked!


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