The Syrian rule seems to have subscribed fully to the World Order scheme of a broader Coalition fighting Terror which is` the original plan designed by master Putin of a broad Coalition that will gather all the sponsors of Terror . But now, the Syrian officials have taken a step further and are hinting at a Coalition that will have Iran and the Forces of the Resistance fight ISIS together together US by coordinating with US through Russia . This is the Syrian dream right now.

The big cheat of this whole scenario designed in the kitchen of Antalya is to make people believe that the Syrian Army is` cutting the road of al Raqqa and Manbij on Erdogan while the US forces have preceded the Syrian army to Manbij , and the US flag is fluttering over Manbij right now , but we are expected to rejoice because the Turks are standing at the doors of Manbij and have not entered it.

These officials should be ashamed of themselves and should stop making up stories , they should refer to the Syrian people and make them .part of the equation and start catering to their needs instead of indulging in this warrying show . The Syrians are growing poorer and there is a real crisis affecting many areas and some of them are under siege and lacking everything even bread . This empty harmful show should stop at one point.


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