BDS might have offered its first Palestinian martyr when known NGO activist Basel al A’raj fell yesterday in Ramallah shot by israelis . The fate of al A’raj should have been totally different . It should have been that of a BDS activist pacifying israel and calling for boycott policies against the enemy, and al A’raj did this to a large extent and did not present any threat on the israelis nor was threatened by them, and there are pictures of him taken away by israeli soldiers after some rally and smiling before the cameras . The thing is that our activist and the five other activists suddenly became targets of israel for some reason after being hosted by the Palestinian Authority prisons for few months when they were released to be tracked by the israelis .

The israelis accused the group of 5 or 6 activists to prepare for attacking soldiers and settlers , but this is not necessarily true, and the relatives of activist al A’raj deny that he intended to use weapons against anyone . It is said that the activist exchanged fire with the israelis for two hours while other witnesses say that al A’raj might have fired one bullet at the israelis before being shot dead . This escalation against so called NGO Palestinian activists to the point of liquidating them , is not something usual . they might be arrested but they are rarely killed even if this alternative is not totally ruled out.

These NGOs are mostly israeli infiltrated, and even Zionist sponsored like BDS, and this assassination might be seen under different lights. Either these NGOs have ended their mission of swaying away the Palestinians from armed struggle towards peaceful activism , and that it has become required now to get rid of them ; or it is that BDS needs to spill some blood in order to rehabilitate itself and give credibility to peaceful Palestinian activism after it has been exposed for being redundant , useless and out of place . In all cases this assassination tells something about about a new era where peaceful activism might be dealt with differently.


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