The original mistake was to accept that the Syrian defensive war against the NATO assault on Syria within the Arab Spring frame work turns into a war launched by Syria against something called Terror . This is how Syria subscribed to the World Order agenda of the Terror and anti Terror conspiracy which is the label under which the western powers allow themselves to interfere in Muslim and Arab countries . This`was a big mistake committed by the Syrian rule that had many repercussions and was the second mistake the rule committed, the first one being surrendering Syria’s chemical arsenal to the International Community via Russia upon israel’s request .

The war on Terror declared as such by the `Syrian rule after the Russian intervention and mediation opened Syria to the international intervention and neutralized israel and excluded israel from such struggle. Thus , Syria became an international arena, and from a regional player became an international playground , and had to enter the Terror/ anti Terror equation and fight Terror together with the sponsors of Terror the first one being Russia itself and USA .

Syria should have never subscribed to this agenda that attributes Terror to Islam and to Gulf countries and absolves the western powers and israel from it . Syria should have identified its enemy to be the NATO proxy armies and israel and not lose the compass, or orient it differently . Everything we witness right now is the result of such an erroneous policy that is definitely not in tune with the Axis of the Resistance policy that is an Axis of the Resistance against israel and the allies of israel .

This is how Syria distanced itself from the Axis of the Resistance from the beginning of the war and put the Axis in confrontation with an enemy that is a virtual fictitious enemy and a tool and an extension that can only be defeated to be replaced again and again by its authors and creators . Syria is still reaping the fruits of such wrong policies and visions that were extremely costly at all levels .

When Syria `subscribed to such dubious world order agenda, it immediately opened its air space to the Coalition strikes, and started hosting Russia militarily , and coordinating with Russia that is an ally to israel and is in Syria in order to protect israel and not Syria. We say this because Syria was in no way protected , it was destroyed, and people were killed and displaced by hundreds of thousands, and it is israel that was spared in reality .

Now , the situation has escalated, and due to the war on Terror , most of the war belligerents and sponsors of Terror are fighting on the Syrian ground, among them NATO Turkey , the main sponsor of Terror that is occupying Syrian land with Syria’s consent, and with Russian assistance The Syrian rule in all this is in no way acting as a member of the Axis of the Resistance . It is bringing calamity on itself and on the Syrians , and extending the war endlessly . And now the US Forces are in Manbij and have entered al Raqqa today with their vehicles and tanks and the US flag is fluttering in these places .

The US say they are here to prevent the Turks from entering Manbij which must be a joke because , whether US or the Turks, they are both NATO , and NATO is in Syria not to fight NATO but to fight Syria , but this is the version under which the US forces entered Syria in order to make the thing acceptable and gullible to a certain extent . The goal is to occupy al Raqqa and establish the Sunni protectorate in Iraq and Syria to cut the road short on Iran and the Axis of the Resistance .

The price of all this and of the Syrian cooperation is that Assad remains posted . But where is the `Axis of the Resistance from all this ? It is NATO and Russia that are monitoring the Syrian Army progress now, and the situation is more than complicated whereby Syria is put in the place where it should separate between Turks and Kurds on the Syrian ground . This is a NATO / Russian assignment, and today, the Syrian army was targeted by Turkish raids in more than one place .What is the role assigned to Syria and what is the price of keeping Assad in position?


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