Johnny Mnayyer on al Manar TV . The prospects` for Syria are to undermine the Iranian presence in Syria and this is being monitored by Russia who is leading the way to implement this scheme designed by the Trump administration that wants to isolate Iran and fight Terror . For this reason, the Turks were introduced to Syria by Russia to carry on this scheme of fighting Terror and to replace the forces of the Resistance on the ground and draw Iran out.The truth is that this is why Russia has been originally introduced to Syria . Mnayyer said that the issue now is`who will inherit ISIS and take over from ISIS` in the respective areas. Still, the regime is not safe in Syria and the Turks have created a force inside Syria that is fighting the Kurds and at the same time might turn against the rule . The future for Syria is federalization which is` why the Arab identity has been removed and this is something that neither Iran nor the Syrian rule accept apparently . The federalization will take the form of self administration and will allow a platform for other countries to operate. The area of al Raqqa might witness the military presence of an Arab force similar to NATO but an Arab version of NATO made of forces from Jordan , Egypt , KSA and the Emirates. Mnayyer did not mention the south of Syria but other sources do not exclude an Israeli assault happening at the same time in the south . This other source also adds that the decision around Syria has totally gone out of Syrian hands, and from a regional player , Syria has become an international playground .


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