We have never stopped for years now saying that Russia is in Syria not to fight Terror but in order to undermine the forces of the Resistance and Iran on the Syrian .ground . For more than 3 years we repeated this almost everyday and almost in every post, and we warned about it, and called against it, and exposed it as a world order conspiracy that targets Syria. and the Axis of the Resistance under the label of fighting Terror So many people rallied against this truth and even attacked us directly and started a defamation campaign in order to prevent others from seeing this truth.

Thank God that some insightful people saw this thing and realized this truth while the majority did not refrain from praising degenerating Russia seeing in it the pole that will save the world , and seeing in the mafioso Putin a sort of Messiah coming to rescue Syria . And so many turned a blind eye on whatever Putin was doing , on calling Coalition strikes on Syria , and delivering Syria’s` chemical arsenal, and deferring the decisive battle of Aleppo, and introducing Turkey and Egypt and Jordan and coordinating with israel, and supporting the Kurdish separatism and the federalization, and normalizing with terrorist thugs and negotiating with them and` seeking their` welfare, and removing Syria’s Arab identity and secularity. All this until now is being revealed what Russia is doing to undermine the forces of the Resistance and`replacing them by Turkey and other war belligerents and separate Syria from the Axis of the Resistance which has always been the original goal . Still some refuse to see the truth till this very minute .


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