750 thousands are the number of refugees who fled al Mosul in unbelievable conditions . It is the people who pay the price of the wrong policies of their countries and rulers . They are victims of`Terror, and victims of the war on Terror or anti Terror . And the war on Terror is worse than Terror . All this is the responsibility of rulers like Assad an al Abadi and others .

7 million Syrians refugees inside Syria and millions elsewhere, and now the Iraqis have fled al Mosul barefoot under the rain with no place to go , and ISIS sprayed them with chemicals on top of it . The war on Terror is worse than Terror , much worse . And this tragic comedy should stop . Whether Assad or al Abadi they are not fighting Terror , they are `working together with the creators of Terror and have embarked on this trip of fighting Terror together with those who created it like US , Russia and NATO countries . They are partners of this crime committed against their people because they are working in association `with those who created Terror .

The US is monitoring the anti Terror war and at the same time is sending weapons to the terrorists by helicopters because the terrorists are under siege and the Popular Crowd have witnessed this with their eyes that weapons were dropped to the terrorists in thew middle of the battle .

And the Syrians are fighting Terror along with Russia who sent thousands of Chechens to Syria that were bought by the Saudi prince Bandar , and now they have divided the task among the sponsors of Terror and are sharing NATO Turkey in fighting Terror who has entered up to 35 km inside Syria , What a joke! And it is the people who die and suffer who have no place in the politicians’ schemes and games .

Whether Assad or al Abadi , they do not qualify for this task and should abdicate and let others qualified people lead the`way . They should give the leadership to the Resistance in both countries to deal with this matter and fight Terror without coordinating with the `creators of Terror who are the predators of this world, other wise they are partners in the crime `committed against their people. and should be prosecuted and tried accordingly by their own people whom they failed .


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