What the forces of the Resistance and Iran have defeated is not just a military power like israel , what they have defeated in fact is much more than that . It is a whole civilization that they have challenged and defeated since the Iranian revolution started . It is not that they have ended or put term to the western civilization , but they have defeated it in the sense that they have exposed it like it was never exposed.

This civilization built on the technological advancement and progress and discoveries and innovations has imposed itself as something irreplaceable, incumbent and inevitable . It has imposed itself on all, not accepting any alternative or choice. In it lied the future and the well being of humanity and everything man needed or dreamt of. It has declared itself as a necessity and a requirement without which no one can survive, and deprived of which man will remain in the abyss of darkness and ignorance .

Thus, technology and advancement have become the synonym of a brighter future for all , like a paradise on earth where everything man needed was here and accessible . It has become an altar on which many natives were sacrificed with their beliefs and culture and traditions, and who did not deserve to live because they had not bowed to this master or gave him power over them. Average people have sacrificed everything for this master , their language and heritage and faith .They had forgiven everything that this civilization has committed . They have forgiven the genocides , the massacres, the usurp , the theft and all kinds of transgressions and violations and crimes. They have justified the use of nuclear weapons `and the atomic bomb, and excused the famine and starvation and diseases and pollution and sickness . They have ignored depravation and moral degeneration . All these were pardoned when committed by the propagators of technology and advancement, and in the name of the progress of humanity .

This lasted until the Iranian Revolution won that put everything upside down, and deposed the effigy of progress and technology and advancement to raise once again the banner of Man and humanity . This is the crime committed by the Iranian Revolution . It is not just that they got rid of the puppet called the Shah . This `was nothing and the west would not cry over the loss of a stooge ,. What the Iranian Revolution and the Resistance of Hizbullah did is to restore to man , to humanity , to the power of man, its position and dimension .

Man can challenge technology and win and technology is not superior to man . Man is superior to technology and can subdue it and defeat if threatened by it, and can turn it into a tool for his welfare and security and stability. But Man will not raise technology above himself, nor above his kind, nor will he sacrifice his culture and Religion and language for it, nor will he reject in any way his ethics and morality for its sake; but he will give it the place it deserves beneath him .

Modern technology is not a necessity, and no one is to be intimidated by it . It is Religion and faith and heritage that are the necessity, and these are the weapons that man needs and are liable to fulfill the humanity of any human being and enable him to win victory and free himself from subjugation . The Iranian revolution and the Resistance have no par in history . They have restored to humanity its leading role, and put the predators and their innovations and technology in their right place far beneath man and humanity. They have made faith in man win over the investment in technology operating thus the miracle of the century and the other centuries to come.



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