The situation in Ayn el Helwe Palestinian camp in the south is deteriorating, and the battles are escalating in an attempt at creating chaos . New weapons were introduced to the fighting groups and the thugs of al Qa’ida and others have rallied against al Fateh forces who are determined to cleanse the camp from the terrorist thugs . There is fear that this be part of the liquidation of the cause because this camp is the most important in Lebanon, and there is fear that its fate be like other camps like Nahr el Bared in north Lebanon and al Yarmuk in Syria that were totally destroyed leaving the Palestinians homeless for the second time .

This must be part of the war on Terror launched by the anti Terror apparatus, and it seems that Fateh has joined the orchestra and wants to reach Terror in Lebanon wherever it could be reached and this camp is the best place, and is hosting terrorist groups , and this way another agenda of the world Order could be achieved which is to destroy the Palestinian camps that are the haven of the Palestinians and the platform of the right to return that no one wants to hear about anymore .

Meetings are taking place now to stop the fight, and have the outlaws and the thugs surrender to the Army . but this is difficult because there is agreement between the armed factions not to deliver any convict .. Sources speak about forming a new security committee which is also `difficult , and others speak about letting the Army in to maintain the security and arrest the criminals but this is not easy because the security of the camps is the responsibility of the` Palestinian themselves. Local leader Usama Sa’d says what happened is the responsibility of all including the Lebanese Army.


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