We were surprised to hear on al Mayadeen TV university professor Jamal al Mahmoud asking Russia to give explanations as to why it has helped Turkey take al Baab by undertaking joint air strikes with the Turks and not respecting the agreement according to which the Turks will remain at the doors of al Baab and not enter it .

The Syrians fear the progress of the Turks on the ground, and are at a loss of what to do now that many terrorists so called moderate factions- on the payroll of USA- have joined the EUPHRATES SHIELD OPERATIONS . Syria seemed worried and – of course- It is not the first time that Russia fails Syria who has no one to rely on but the forces of the Resistance and Iran to keep Turkey under check. But then- as usual – whatever the forces of the`Resistance achieve on the ground will be channeled to Russia finally . This has been going on since al Qusayr victory in 2013 .

The Resistance and Iran are trying to put up with this fact speaking positively about Russia and seeing Russia as a `positive asset that is drawing close to the forces of the Resistance, and Larijani even spoke about a growing cooperation with Russia , and this in order to ease the situation and minimise the differences since Syria is betting everything on Russia. . We were surprised today to hear one Syrian academician , a university professor, for the first time saying that Russia should give explanations regarding the Turkish transgressions and violations . The professor sounded as if he were sending a call of distress no doubt due to the Turkish rapid expansion in Syria .

The Truth is that Assad will not trust his allies of the Axis of the Resistance but would trust Russia . But Russia has brought Turkey inside Syria , and Turkey does not intend to leave and will not leave but will stay and strengthen itself . It is Russia that is`the guarantor of Turkey, and Syria has a real problem and has no one to turn to but the forces of the Resistance , but these forces might not be ready to rush to the rescue of Syria and then have its achievements on the ground channeled to Russia as happened before and, confine itself to the limits imposed by Russia, and halt battles that were winning and spare thugs that are criminals and become caught in the World Order agenda



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