The Geneva 4 will extend few days, and de Mistura has delivered to the Syrian delegation a road map whereby figures the new Syrian constitution and the elections issue together with the administrative reforms . Mohammad Allouch of Jaysh al Islam is also reported to have arrived to Geneva . All this while the Turkish invasion of al Baab by the Turkish forces has not been brought up .

The Turks have the intention to proceed to al Raqqa and to bring in additional forces that will start from Jarablus towards al Baab after Manbij which they plan to take, and straight ahead to liberate al Raqqa on condition that the YPG will not share in this battle . All this has has been coordinated with the head of the CIA who visited Turkey lately.

It is`Russia that is monitoring the situation on the Syrian ground. And now the media will start saying as usual that Turkey cheated, and Russia was lured into thinking that the Turkish forces will stop progressing on the ground after taking Jarablus . Russia is always being cheated like this, and Syria has to pay the price .It is Russia- as a matter of fact who invited the Turkish forces in , and Russia would have to give explanations since it is guaranteeing Turkey which in its turn is guaranteeing the moderate armed terrorists.

One wonders what the forces of the `Resistance are to do in this case ? The forces of the Resistance are watching and they will not leave Syria as programmed , they will wait until Assad reaches a conclusion regarding the situation and makes up his mind , and starts betting on forces other than Russia and NATO . This might not happen soon, and therefore the war is to extend .

The forces of the Resistance are on the ground fully equipped and vigil, and they are seconded by the Iraqi Resistance and a portion of the Syrian Army that fights along their side. At the right moment, they can interfere, and abort all the plans and schemes of destruction and partition and send Erdogan back home as they have done before, and destroy his dreams of Khilafa and of greater israel. But the Syrians would have to suffer meantime


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