On top of Astana, Geneva , and on top of Geneva, Astana and nothing would come out from both except this shaky cease fire that is barely holding . The Syrian issue is still pending, and the Russians are active on the whole field, and they are the ones orchestrating the whole scenery and the others have to follow .

The strange thing is that despite the fact that Turkey has introduced its forces into Syria, and has entered 35 km deep inside the Syrian territory occupying the area`from Jarablus to A’zaaz. , weapons are still reaching the opposition by tons, and the last shipment was sent by KSA from Croatia. So whereto from Now ?

The Syrian delegation in Geneva is sitting with the opposition in the same room as it wished . But what will come out from this tete a tete? Nothing , and this by the testimony of de Mistura himself . Russia is been given full opportunity, and there is nothing the forces of the Resistance can do, especially that the presence of Hizbullah and Iran is at stake and many voices are calling for their withdrawal from Syria.

Russia is not seeking to solve the problem in Syria, it rather wants to freeze it. What Putin is trying to do is playing in the lost time and extend this frozen situation maybe in order to give enough time for those concerned to liquidate the Palestinian cause .

This is to say that while the Syrian issue is dragging, the Palestinian issue is gaining momentum . In few days , during the visit of CIA head to Israel and to KSA and other places , the Palestinian state has become a closed chapter , and no one will bring up this alternative again . Putin might be holding the Syrian battlefield so as to allow this liquidation to pass.

The Arab rulers of KSA , Jordan and Egypt were constantly meeting in Jordan with Netenyahu to draw the next anti Palestinian policy . The forces of the Resistance were quick to answer and reacted by giving the final blow to the 2 states bluff so that the end of this masquerade called Oslo comes at their own hands . The Tehran conference in its unusual scope was an open, eloquent, high pitched answer to the anti Palestinian schemes that were happening behind closed doors while Putin was controlling the Syrian scene .

This explains why Russia was totally absent from the Tehran Conference , Russia being part of the liquidation team and might be facilitating a further interference of Jordan and Egypt in Syria as a compensation given to the 2 countries for accepting to transfer Palestinians to their territories according to the israeli scheme . The Syrian and Palestinian issues are closely connected, and this is where the exchange might be happening.


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