The World Order purpose being to oust Iran and Hizbullah from Syria and to oust Iran from Iraq , this has started through the person called Muqtada al Sadr in Iraq who trying to picture the period after the liberation of al Mosul and is calling for ousting all foreign forces from Iraq including USA and Iran in order to promote the national unity among Iraqis as he says . Al Sadr also said that he is `against the Popular Crowd fighting in Syria , and that they should be brought back home . It is not the first time that Muqtada shows animosity to Iran, and he shares this attitude with PM al Abadi whose affiliations to USA require such a stand . Muqtada had previously launched such anti Iranian slogans, and now he is putting USA and Iran on par treating them both as occupiers . Muqtada is believed to have met secretly in Beirut the Special Saudi envoy of King Salman Thamer Al Sabhan . Sources say that there is fear that the religious Authority in Al Najf takes sides with al Sadr

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