HAMAS came late and better late than never and gave a fiery speech delivered by Usama Hamdan saying that the compromise with israel is not something natural or` normal . the secret of the success of the Resistance is its commitment to the whole of Palestine from the river to the sea and not to be drawn into any internal fight or to interfere in other countries’ affairs.

Gaza is the platform and is hosting all the factions , and raises the banner of the Resistance and of the liberation of al Qods and of the West Bank. Now , the compromise deal is over , and this is what we expected all the way, and this deal gave the occupation legality and strength and this compromise will cause Palestine to be lost .

We will no more go through these failing experiences, and we call for mobilization around the Resistance and for adopting a strategy of confrontation . we call for supporting Gaza as a strong bastion of the Resistance , bringing together all factions in the West Bank and al Qods under the banner of the Resistance .

We live in the Resistance era and there is no other era for us . And we will neither surrender nor grow weak . Our leaders are projects of Martyrdom and the Resistance is a project of triumph .

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