The Geneva talks are being held at this very moment . Iran has not shown up to these talks .Not yet. The High Commission of Negotiations sponsored by KSA is no more the sole representative of the opposition, but the Syrian delegation ended up with bits of opposition from here and there , from Cairo and Moscow , but with no one really to talk to .They have shared the same conference room- both the Syrian delegation and the opposition – but there is no one to talk to finally, and those who are there represent are a small portion of armed thugs . The major factions of Ahraar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam – sponsored respectively by Qatar and KSA – have not shown up . All this seems to be a trip like the other Geneva conferences who have failed in achieving anything .

The new presence in the conference is that of Jordan that is ready to assume in the south the same role Turkey has assumed in the north and under the label of Furat 2 . The plan that was communicated to al Jumhuriyya local news paper talks about the creation of an Army made from the FSA and Gulf forces and Syrian refugees in Jordan and from other Syrians with the goal to create a safe zone near the Golan Heights that will challenge the forces of the Resistance and Iran present in the south of Syria . Some 7 thousand US troops are expected to join this new created Army and they are the Delta forces known for undertaking missions in the middle`east . This Army will be in charge of cleansing southern Syria from ISIS and to keep israel safe from any Iranian or Hizbullah presence.

There is need to waste time before these forces are ready to operate, and the ground is to be made ready for such intervention that has been prepared in Washington and in Moscow in king Abdullah’s meeting with Putin upon which Jordan has been invited to attend Astana and Geneva 4 and to operate air strikes in Syria.


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