Al Jihad Islami representative in Beirut Abu ‘Imad al Rifai is author of a recent book that tries to bring up again the issue of al Khilafa in Sunni Islam. This issue that is basic to Sunni Islam in general, and to the Muslim Brothers in particular has been exposed and damaged by ISIS claiming that it is carrier of such a project and even announcing it as a fact anddeclaring it as in event from several tribunes . This has forced committed Sunni Muslims like al Rifa’i to raise this issue and try to place it in its original context after it has been taken out of context and exposed. What Abu ‘Imad has done is just an attempt that seeks to re-discuss the matter and bring it under light again.

The Truth is that Sunni islam and Muslim Brotherhood have been seriously challenged by the latest events due to the fact that Terror has claimed to be of Sunni Islam and has acted under this banner . And The Sunni References like al Azhar have not labeled this attempt as Kufr or un-Islamic. They have accepted it as part of Islam even though not part of the four schools of law . No doubt, Sunni Islam is going through a`crisis because of the Terror ordeal that has dressed as Sunni Islam and succeeded in passing as such without being checked by scholars and religious ` references .The Sheikh of al Azhar said about ISIS , i will not excommunicate someone who testifies by the Shahadatayn .

This is the official stand that made al Azhar co exist with Terror at the same time it approved the death sentence on hundreds of Muslim Brothers incarcerated by al Sisi. . But enlightened Islam like al Jihad will accept the challenge, and will try to redefine the position of Sunni Islam and to find the right answers in order to put Sunni Islam and the Khilafa project on their right track .


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