Today the three Martyr leaders will be commemorated on an occasion where Sayyed will speak: Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Sayyed Abbas al Moussawi and Hajj ‘Imad Mughniyye . All heroes of the Resistance who shared in creating this incredible achievement, each from his own place and own potential.

The first one – Sheikh Ragheb Harb – defined the relation between the enemy and the people, and defined the position of the people to be that of rejection and non acceptance . He was thus planting the first seed of the Resistance in refusing the occupation and rejecting fully the enemy .

The second one – Sayyed Abbas al Moussawi- preserved the seed and protected it and defined the environment where it will grow, and put it under the care of the people themselves and entrusted them with it . Those same people whom Sayyed Abbas served with his eyelids so that they serve the Resistance in their turn. .

The third one – Hajj ‘Imad Mughniyye – made the seed that was planted in good earth and enjoyed the care of the people to grow and expand till it reached everywhere and filled the place and became resilient and strong to the point that no one can beat it or defeat it . These were the contributions of these heroes.. God bless their pure soul who created this wonder protected by God and which no one can uproot or undermine.


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