This is real crap on this post from people who pretend to be close to the Lebanese Resistance . This is a foreign Zionist agenda . The leadership of the Lebanese Resistance will never allow such a speech . This is not permitted by the standards of the Resistance . Whatever HAMAS did , HAMAS did not fail in defending Gaza bravely and warding off the attack and sacrificing and defending its territory and dignity. Were the leaders traitors, the movement would not have defended Gaza bravely and successfully .

Exposing the Palestinian Armed Resistance is a Zionist agenda to which no one should subscribe, and to which the Syrian rule has subscribed unfortunately ; and Sayyed felt sorry about this , and tried diligently to change the Syrian position regarding this and convince the Syrian rule , but to no avail .

HAMAS is no traitor and fared very well, and we salute the sacrifices of the Palestinian armed Resistance who defeated the purpose of israel and is still arming itself and perfecting its means of confrontation . In comparison, it is Assad who is faring poorly who surrendered Syria’s chemical arsenal to the international community, and deprived his country from a strategic weapon at the time Syria was facing more than one enemy and without getting anything in return neither peace nor security .

It is Assad who put Syria under Russian custody, and subdued Syria’s will to foreign powers and allowed the Turks to invade and bomb Syria and US to raid Syrian territories at leisure . Assad cannot get away with this by exposing HAMAS and compensate for his shortcomings . God bless the armed Resistance against Israel of Hizbullah and HAMAS and may God the Almighty inspire the president of Syria to join such Resistance and deliver Syria from the Turks , israel and foreign hegemony.

We denounce such agenda that is a traitor agenda and a Zionist agenda by excellence and warn against these fb infiltrators who pretend to be on the side of the Resistance.


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  1. danielmabsout says:


    At the time the Palestinian cause is being liquidated between Netenyahu and Trump, and when the Palestinian Authority proves totally crippled and inefficient and unqualified not to say something else, a bunch of fb keyboard warriors pretending to be pro Assad- among them respectable ladies who pretend to work for the cause- have posted a poster that defames HAMAS .

    This is not an innocent act in any way, and is part of an agenda that is Zionist by excellence , because it is thanks to HAMAS that there is something called Palestinian armed Resistance. It is thanks to HAMAS and other fighting Resistances in GAZA that the cause is still alive . It is HAMAS that is holding the torch . What position HAMAS has taken in terms of sectarian alignment remained verbal, and was required in a way in order to keep GAZA together, and did not in any way betray the cause or compromised on it . We do not condone this alignment, but we say that Khaled Mish’al who is hosted by Qatar, did not use his stand in order to conspire against Syria, and HAMAS never conspired against Syria, but those were individual isolated cases like the leader of the lebanese Resistance himself said, and do not compromise HAMAS in any way.

    This is to say that Sayyed finds the Syrian official stand against HAMAS totally unjustifiable, and he tried his best to convince the president of Syria that HAMAS is in NO WAY implicated in the war on Syria. If we – as individuals- do not trust the leader of the Lebanese Resistance in this instance , how do we trust him in other major matters that touch us directly ?

    We don’t care if Mish’al eats and drinks at the expense of the Qatari prince since this does not affect HAMAS , and since HAMAS is fighting israel and warding off the attack on Gaza and protecting the cause with everything it has got, and sacrificing for it with no limits and offering hundreds of Freedom fighters at its alter.

    We salute the Freedom Fighters of HAMAS who are carrying the torch, and we will not let any idle key board infiltrator to defame the Palestinian Armed Resistance or its leaders in order to make the president of Syria look good, and we ask the friends on fb to unfriend all those who do this under any pretext..


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