This is martyr’s week and we are surrounded everyday by the fragrance of their stories and sacrifices. the Resistance was all their lives with no priority over it . There was full concentration and full commitment and there was inspiration from the Iranian Revolution . There were a bunch of them a handful of Freedom fighters who started the whole thing . But this was enough and maybe more than enough. They planted the seed of the revolution and cared for it and protected it . It grew as big as their aspirations and as deep . It became like they wanted it strong and`resilient . It reaped victories on every front, and was never defeated because it is under the protection of God .

It is a kind Resistance and has the kindness of its leaders and Freedom Fighters and Heroes . If you ask people who knew Freedom Fighters, they will tell you they are helpful and sincere . The Freedom Fighters are not anybody . They are special people and they are everyone at the same time. They serve, and this is their main characteristic , they serve the cause , they serve the country and the people. They serve the community and the society and their sacrifice has no limits . We should be thankful and grateful to have them among us. They are the ones who give us our dignity and our brighter days and who give meaning to everything.


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