The Bahrainis after 6 years of struggle have not relinquished their fight . They are still in the streets fighting peacefully for their rights , not backing off before the threats and the challenges and not turning their protests into riots like the authorities wants them to. The Bahrainis have to their credit that they are not raising sectarian slogans , they are only after the reforms that can turn the country into a real state , it is the welfare of their country that they seek and not only certain privileges . This speak in their favor . For this they have been persecuted , they were attacked and arrested and tortured and their leadership was arrested stripped off their identity and incarcerated. and their locals closed and banned, and their Religious references too .

The Bahrainis are alone facing this ordeal. and no one is helping them .The authorities are escalating the situation and have executed 3 innocent people on the ground of fake evidence and testimonies exhorted through tortures and 3 other people were shot dead lately by the police. The authorities are acting like an alien government that relates to its people through foreign imposed agendas. Such authorities are slaves to the World Order and cannot but confront the freedom blooming in the hearts of the Bahrainis.


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