12 years now that PM Rafiq al Hariri was assassinated . The Hariri Party that is the Future Movement has taken the investigations astray and has bribed witnesses to deliver fake evidence that lead to the accusation and arrest of innocent people . Fake testimonies have lead to the accusation of Hizbullah members and leaders among them late Mustafa Badreddin or Sayyed Dhul Fiqar , martyred in Syria last year . All this was monitored by the UN that hired corrupt investigators to carry on the investigation .

The whole investigation was made up of lies and falsities so as to lead to the accusation of the Resistance; and when the lies of the witnesses were exposed , the witnesses were smuggled out of the country so as not to be tried and brought to justice which created lots of havoc and took the investigation even further away from the real facts . The Resistance has given proofs that the israelis might be very well involved in the crime, and some experts say the assassination took place by way of an israeli drone that dropped a missile on Hariri’s car or convoy of cars , but no one listened to them because the Hariri Party was following a unique fake thread that lead to the accusation of the Resistance .

It was decided from the beginning that this crime will be internationalized so as to harm Lebanon and expose it and fuel sectarian hatred by accusing a Shi’a party of killing a Sunni prominent political figure.It was intended from this to drown Lebanon in blood . The assassination of PM as his ascension to the power both served the World Order agenda of sectarian alignment and undermining the Lebanese Resistance .

It is`Lebanon that is funding this International tribunal partly at least; despite the fact that the Lebanese prosecution and tribunal are highly qualified to carry on such matter.The UN and such courts like the Special Tribunal for Lebanon are the most corrupt organizations that could ever exist, and they have lost the purpose of the investigation by organizing fake sessions built on fake built up evidences, and until now after 12 years, we don’t know for sure who killed Hariri and the killer has not been officially identified and exposed and prosecuted.


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