The 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and millions have taken to streets in Iran , and President Rouhani gave a speech that sounded more like an electoral campaign than a real celebration with a stress on the achievements of the government rather than the Spirit of the Revolution and its implications universally speaking . This is to say that the Iranian Revolution is for real, and has all the characteristics of a true Revolution because it expressed in every turn the true aspirations of the people at all levels including the spiritual level . In fact it is because it touched on the Spiritual that it could rally so many people .

The earnestness, the faith , the straightforwardness , the determination and steadfastness of the leader and founder of the Revolution of the oppressed captured all hearts and all minds. It was like an encompassing wave that have taken all without leaving any one behind. This Revolution could happen and could bring the people to rule and could express the people’s need and answer their quest . And this Revolution could continue to grow and be preserved and protected, and could continue to expand and become stronger and more resilient. This happened and is still happening, and people are still joining this Revolution as if it were born yesterday . It is not a matter of presidents or individuals or even leaders . This Revolution is something else , is a commitment to the human cause at all levels . The predator World Order could not and cannot allow such a thing to happen . It will track it and target it and expose it and undermine it by various means soft and not soft . It will try to defeat it in every way . This Revolution has been keeping the World Order busy for decades now , and the World Order will continue to target it because it is the biggest threat that the World Order has ever encountered .The reason is because it really emancipates the human being from subjugation and oppression, and this by means that are accessible and available to all and that have proved their validity and effectiveness.


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