Sayyed Abdel Malik al Houthi gave a speech today addressing Yemenis saying that Yemen is subject o a foreign assault, and that it is not an internal war nor a civil war as is being pictured adding that this foreign assault is being launched by way of regional forces that are acting on behalf of the foreign belligerents . Al Houthi added that these regional forces have no plans and no prospects and no vision for the future , they are totally bankrupt, and what they are doing is in favor of the foreign powers .

Al Houthi said that the assaulters want to take everything from us and not leave anything . They want the geography and the land, and they want to take our dignity also, and they managed to get help from their local agents, and those have become puppets and tools in their hands that they are using at leisure and they repeat like parrots after their masters .

This assault is targeting everything in the country, and has not left a single thing , even the animals they are targeting and killing – said al Houthi – behaving in a criminal , satanic manner . What is the purpose of this assault- asks` al Houthi? It is to subdue any force that is against israel and against USA. This` assault we shall face`said al Houthi relying on the Almighty and we will not back off , but we will act as free people act, and refuse to surrender to the tyrants .

The truth is that- said al Houthi – it is because we are free people that we are being targeted, and we will not accept humiliation and surrender to the tyrannical forces . This is how we are benefiting morally , spiritually and religiously from what is happening . God has granted us the capacity to resist , and we faced tyranny in order to please God and His prophet, and this despite the huge sacrifices.

Al Houthi also spoke about the losses of the enemy , the loss of lives among key persons and mercenaries also ,and of equipment whereby many of the tanks and military equipment of the enemy was damaged and destroyed, and they had to buy new weapons and equipment , and bear the heavy cost of all this. And the Yemenis will put fire to the tanks with their lighters sometimes. This, not to speak of the aircraft that were shot down of the Apachi type, and their frigates and war vessels that were hit, and they will have to renew their supplies which will increase their economic crisis .

Al Houthi then spoke about how the Yemenis are developing their own weapons, like the latest ballistic missile Burkan 2 that was improved from another missile ; and Yemen will continue to do this . The enemy – said al Houthi – is using in Yemen his most evolved weapons, and they have used everything they have got, and the most recent weapons, and this is in fact what made us develop our strength and our means.

In fact – added al Houthi- they were betting on finishing the whole thing in two weeks or two months . But the enemy has not given up and has not acquired wisdom and insight, and , for this reason, we have to continue the battle . We have to send support to all the fronts and to provide them with men and equipment and to remain vigil , and – added al Houthi- we have to support the state’s institutions, and support the people in their Resistance, and shun those who think that this battle should not have the priority and that this priority should go to other matters . Those who speak thus are agents and infiltrators . The priority is to the battle , and to supporting the people in their Resistance , and taking in charge the martyrs’ families, and catering to the people’s` needs and especially safeguarding the unity of the society because – said al Houthi – the enemy is working along this line also of creating division and differences inside the internal front.

Al Houthi then addressed the people of south Yemen warning them about being used and exploited by the alien forces in order to fulfill the purpose of these forces at their own expense, and to carry on the schemes of the enemy spilling their own blood in the process, and destroying their country and killing their brothers . Al Houthi ended his speech saying that the Yemenis will not back off and will not surrender nor give in.


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